New Year, New Projects

We have nearly finished the first month of a new year, and I hope everyone is having a promising start to 2021. I am excited to say that I have several changes for Kali Tedrow Editing and a couple new projects to announce that are coming this year.

Changes in 2021

First, Kali Tedrow Editing has a couple of changes in place for 2021. You can now find me on MeWe, as well as LinkedIn and Twitter. I’ll be posting plenty of new content about writing and editing and updates on whatever projects I have in the works.

You can expect new blog posts about writing and editing as well. There will be fewer posts this year because more of my schedule is dedicated to actual editing. I believe that quality is more important than quantity, which is why I decided to change to monthly blog posts instead of weekly. If you have a topic you would like for me to write about, mention it in the comments! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so that you will know when a new post is published.

In other news, I do have openings for new editing projects in February and March. If you have a manuscript that you need edited or proofread soon, please contact me. I offer free sample edits and can give you a quote for your project. I’m open to many different types of projects, but I especially like to work with indie authors. If necessary, I am open to negotiating on price because I understand how hard it can be getting started.

Current Writing Project

Aside from my editing, I also have a couple of writing projects. I’m an editor at heart, but I’ve dabbled in writing since middle school. That hobby has, more recently, turned into a novel. I didn’t intend to publish my work when I started it, but I have changed my mind since then. It has taken a lot of editing to change a story written for fun to a manuscript worth publishing, but I am happy with the progress. The original plan was to self-publish the novel right before the holidays, but unforeseen circumstances prevented that. The new plan is to have the novel out sometime this spring. This novel is a Christian historical romance/mystery titled The Lady in Red. When I have a more exact date, I will let everyone know more about it.

New Writing Project

I also have a new writing project in the works for 2021. My first novel has been such an adventure, that I have decided to write a sequel. Now that I have characters and a setting already developed, I hope that this manuscript will be a little simpler to write. It will also help that I’m starting out with publication in mind. As of now, this next book consists of an outline and a couple drafted scenes. You will definitely be seeing updates about progress throughout the year.

New Year, Many Possibilities

This year is filled with many possibilities and projects. I hope that 2021 proves to be a better year for you and that you are as excited about it as I am. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and find me on social media! And if you have a manuscript in need of editing or proofreading, send me a message. Here’s to a new year!

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