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The Importance of House Styles and Style Sheets

            You can find style guides aplenty if you but look. Some of the more popular ones include AP, the Chicago Manual, and APA. There are plenty of others though. A company or individual is ideally supposed to choose one style and follow its guidelines for all their written materials. But what do you do…

Semicolons Explained

            People often ask writers and editors if they have a favorite punctuation mark. For me, the answer the semicolon. The reason why I like semicolons so much is how useful it can be. This punctuation is all about creating clarity and emphasis in complex or confusing sentences. Here are a few ways you can…

The Fun World of Reduplication

          Every language has developed some fun quirks, and English is no exception. Reduplication is one such characteristic. It appears in many different languages, but we’ll focus on English. When you hear an example of reduplication, it sounds simple. And yet, many linguists and experts have studied the mystery of its development and rules. What…

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