Manuscript Evaluation

If you want some direction with your manuscript but don’t want to pay for a full developmental edit, a manuscript evaluation is a good option. I will evaluate your manuscript for good structure, clarity, style, and flow. Once I have looked it over, I will send you an assessment letter that explains your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and offers you advice on what steps to take next. A light mark-up of your manuscript will be included upon request.

Developmental Editing

A developmental edit is a heavy editing process that reviews such aspects of your work as structure, accuracy, clarity, tone, and flow. This type of edit is a good choice for authors who need help building on their ideas or revising a completed manuscript.

Line Editing

A line edit shares similarities to both developmental and copy editing. In this type of editing, I will focus on the structure and style of your work. Line editing focuses on the details, much like copy editing, but is more concerned with the structure of the work like a developmental edit.

Copy Editing

A copy edit is focused on the details. In this type of editing, I will review grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, formatting, and consistency. This editing process is about polishing your finished manuscript so that it will make a good first impression on your readers.


Proofreading is your last line of defense before publishing your work. It is a detailed process that checks mechanics, style, and design to ensure that no errors are left behind. Proofreading is a good choice for those who are ready to publish but want to be confident that their work is error free.

Website Editing/Proofreading

I will either edit or proofread your website content before you publish it to ensure that visitors will see engaging text that is error free. I prefer to edit your content as either a Word or Google document so that I can give you a full mark-up with suggestions.